Enable remote machine monitoring in the factory to acquire data from sensors and send it to the cloud application to show on live dashboard.

Edge IoT intelligent Gateway

Edge IoT Gateway device will acquire data from the machine sensors on periodic intervals and send the same to the remote monitoring application via GSM (2G/4G) connectivity. In case of intermediate connectivity loss, IoT gateway will have a buffer facility to store data and resend it once the internet connectivity is back. It will also have a provision to capture Modbus data from PLC interface. Gateway device will also show the captured readings live on a attached display for immediate viewing. Same data will be processed at the edge based on configured threshold rules alert and accordingly generate visible actions to turn ON the relays and get required immediate attention.

Remote Monitoring Application

Remote Monitoring Application will be able to process the acquired data and show the same live on dashboard. It will also have the option to drill down and observe specific data of interest. One could set threshold alerts for acquired data and will be able to generate Email and/or SMS alerts. The application will maintain the following hierarchy,

  1. Based on user login, Company and Location will be displayed
  2. Select Machine –> Select Sensor –> Set Threshold

Dashboard will show live status of the sensor (RED / GREEN) based on the threshold limits set. User will be able to select the sensor of interest and will fetch its data. Application will have the mechanism to generate reports for the specific machine and also export the same via excel to any other system.